Experts told us which apartments are the best sellers.

Experts told us which apartments are the best sellers.

For the past year, two-room and three-room apartments have become very popular in Moscow. Let's figure out what affected it.

Over the past year, there have been many changes in the real estate market. Owners began to choose apartments of a larger area. A preferential mortgage for families had a huge impact on such a choice.

"At the launch of this program, people were choosing 2 and 3-room apartments due to the mortgages and on the difference in money to consider an apartment bigger than originally planned, but six months have passed, and the demand for two-room apartments is still ahead of the demand for one-room and studios" explains Alexander Kozlov, commercial director of the Concern RUSICH.

The peak of demand for 2-room and 3-room apartments occurred in July, according to the expert.

««It is noteworthy that according to the results of January 2021, the structure of demand has not changed: buyers still prefer 2-room (34%) and 3-room (31%) apartments; in outsiders are 1-room apartments (20%) and studios (15%). In general, there was a shortage of apartments worth 8-10 million rubles in the market, these lots became the most liquid in the old borders of Moscow», – notes Alexander Kozlov.

You should not forget about one-room apartments, which are also popular on the market. But now they are noticeably competing with two-room apartments.

«In Moscow, the popularity of one-room apartments is undeniable. It was until recently. Today, one- and two-room apartments are almost equal in popularity, shares vary slightly depend on the location. One-room apartments continue to confidently dominate in New Moscow: 33% of buyers choose them here, while two-room ones account for 29% of demand. Here are the most popular studios in the metropolitan area - they are among 23% of transactions», – said Irina Dobrokhotova, chairman of the board of directors of "BEST-Novostroy".

The demand for one-room apartments and studios is justified by the fact that in Moscow most of the people are renting. That is why it is most liquid to purchase apartments with a small living space.

«Moscow is a metropolis, a center of attraction with great rental potential, which plays in favor of studios and one-room apartments. The former has a minimum entrance threshold, but the maximum cost per meter, and since compact studios (less than 25 square meters. m) are less liquid, one-room apartments win them in popularity among investors», – believes Irina Dobrokhotova.

The next factor that depends on the demand of apartments is affordability.

«80% of the demand for one-room and two-room apartments as the most affordable. In my opinion, the market is now overrated. People very much overstate the price of housing and their apartments remain unsold, due to this there is a lot of washing out of secondary housing, which was underestimated», – believes Ruslan Fedorov, a specialist in the field of investment and real estate.

Also, an important event that affected the demand of apartments is the coronavirus pandemic. Many people concerned about the economic situation of the country began to purchase more affordable housing at once.

«The Russians took about one billion dollars from deposits. In general, the pandemic and the economic situation affected. The ruble is depreciating in banks, people are waiting for this and, therefore, buy what is more affordable. And more affordable apartments with a smaller area. There was also a great demand for business class apartments - family apartments. Last year, there were about 2,000 transactions», – adds Ruslan Fedorov.

In addition to price parameters, buyers pay attention to the infrastructure. Therefore, if we talk about the location of apartments in areas, then, of course, the best-selling housing will be in more comfortable places for life.


The choice of apartment begins with a location, that is, the buyer is determined with the place where he plans to live. The best-selling apartments remain in areas with good transport accessibility, in monolithic and brick houses located on the middle floors. Further, buyers pay attention to the state of repair and communications, to the view from the window and parking, the state of the entrance, etc.

Alexander Kozlov, Commercial Director of RUSICH Concern

Anna Yermoshina
Article source: PRONOVOSTROY.RU

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