Industrial park "RUSICH - Kholmogory"
Industrial park

Industrial park "RUSICH - Kholmogory"

Yaroslavskoye Highway, 30 km, Moscow, Moscow Region, 141273

The RUSICH-Kholmogory industrial park is a modern A + class logistics complex located 30 km from the Moscow Ring Highway along the Yaroslavl Highway at the intersection with the Small Moscow Ring (A107) and the third launch complex of the Central Ring highway under construction.

292,000 sq.m
Total area
67 hectares
Land plot
12 Х 24
Center distance between columns
12 m
Ceiling height
91,000 sq.m
First order
158,000 sq.m
Second order
34,000 sq.m
Separate territory
7 tons
Floor load

Commissioning of the first phase:


Commissioning of the second phase:

Q4 2021


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About project

The RUSICH-Kholmogory industrial park is located 30 km away from the Moscow Ring Highway along the Yaroslavl highway (federal highway M8) at the intersection with the Central Ring Highway. Here are all conditions created for the daily unhindered entrance and exit of several hundred trucks.

When choosing a land plot for the construction of a new modern industrial complex, serious analytical work was carried out. As a result, the “KHOLMOGORY” industrial park has a unique location and convenient transport accessibility that meets all the logistical requirements of tenants of warehouse and production premises.

The location of the industrial park has further prospects for improving transport accessibility. The third start-up complex of the Central Ring Highway under construction will pass parallel to the Small Moscow Highway of A107 (at a distance from 100 to 700 meters) on the northeast of the Moscow region, from interchange with the high-speed highway M-11 “Moscow-St. Petersburg” and untill interchange with the highway M-7 “Volga”. Its length will be 105.3 km. The estimated speed on a four-lane road of category 1A will be 140 kilometers per hour. After commissioning in 2020, the throughput of the Central Ring Highway will increase by 40-50%, as during the reconstruction the highway will expand to 6 lanes. Throughout the Central Ring Highway, a free flow system will operate without barriers.

The “KHOLMOGORY” industrial park has a favorable location in terms of the proximity of population clusters for hiring personnel. More than 800,000 people live within a radius of 30 km.

Distance from Moscow Ring Highway - 32 km

The average speed on the Yaroslavl highway is currently higher than the speed on the Dmitrovsky and Leningradskiy highways. After the reconstruction, the speed of non-stop traffic will increase by 1.5 times

Transport accessibility for personnel

Railway station: Sofrino - 3 km., Station "43km" - 3.5 km, travel time 40-45 minutes. Bus stop - Talitsy village - 1 km.

On the Yaroslavl highway, the constant traffic of regular buses to the VDNKh metro station is organized, the travel time is about 25-30 minutes.

Access roads

Individual entry/exit from Yaroslavl highway. Individual exit to the highway M8 Kholmogory

Logistical availability of large chain stores in Moscow and Moscow region

The profitable location of our complex provides coverage of Northern Administrative District, North-East Administrative District, Eastern Administrative District, Central Administrative District

Monitoring of air parameters

The buildings have energy efficiency class A +, which simplifies the regulation of air parameters both in the warehouse area and creates comfortable conditions for staff work.

Transport availability of large chain stores in neighboring regions

In 2019, the main sections of the Central Ring Road will be commissioned - reconstructed sections of the A107, which will make it possible to build optimal schemes and schedules for the delivery of products to the regions and neighboring areas of the Moscow region.

Planning Solutions

The decisions taken to plan the territory of the Industrial park "RUSICH - Kholmogory" will allow quick and comfortable loading and unloading operations.

Internal logistics

The convenient and logical arrangement of traffic in the complex and the availability of parking spaces for large-capacity vehicles in the immediate vicinity of loading and unloading docks contribute to a significant reduction in the time spent on loading and unloading operations. This solution simplifies the control of the process of supplying transport to the docks and reduces the waiting time of vehicles in the complex up to 35 minutes.

Industrial park "RUSICH - Kholmogory"

Commercial Director
Nikolay Devyatilov
+7 (926) 700-20-10
Old Yaroslavskoye Highway, 1А