Shopping and Entertainment center "New Kotelniki"
Commercial real estate

Shopping and Entertainment center "New Kotelniki"

Shopping and Entertainment center "NEW KOTELNIKI" - Located at the address: Moscow region, Dzerzhinsky, Ugreshskaya st. (across building №6). "Concern RUSICH" is building a shopping and entertainment center as part of the residential quarter "New Kotelniki".

470,284 sq.m
Total area of the project
Number of residents in the near by population clusters
20,000 sq.m
Area of the Shopping Center
Number of residents of the residential quarter
15,000 sq.m
Rentable area
3 floors
Number of floors in the shopping and entertainment center

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About project

The shopping center will be built to the latest standards, taking into account the best world experience in the construction of commercial real estate. The project concept combines unique architectural design, modern technologies and advanced life support systems.

Convenient location, excellent transport and pedestrian accessibility, good visibility with the possibility of advertising on the facade, massive development of the microdistrict and the immediate surroundings of residential complexes, lack of direct competition with the large demand for retail real estate - all these allow our company to create a modern format of the city shopping center.

Thanks to the optimal combination of functionality and modern design, well-thought-out logistics, large parking - visiting the shopping center will give you the opportunity to enjoy shopping and pleasant family leisure.

An attractive infrastructure component in the mall is the presence of movie theatre, a food-court area and a restaurant, a children’s entertainment center, which will allow organizing leisure activities for families with children; the children’s center will feature: animation for children, playground complexes, a children’s club, educational clubs and studios, which will allow children to play, and parents to spend time shopping or relax in a restaurant.

Commercial real estate development

The primary and secondary coverage areas for the shopping center under consideration include the New Kotelniki microdistrict and the Dzerzhinsky, Silikatny and Yuzhny microdistricts in Kotelniki. The total coverage will be about 80,000:

The primary coverage area (5 -10 minutes on foot) - about 16,000 people;

Secondary coverage area (5 -10 minutes by public transport) - 64,000 people.

Tertiary coverage area (7-15 minutes by transport) - about 30,000 people.

The main visitors to the shopping center will be residents living in the primary and secondary coverage area - about 50,000 people.

  • Good visibility of the site from Ugreshskaya st., Ugreshsky drive and from Energetikov st.
  • Convenient entrances and -turns.
  • The location of the site is on the border of two urban districts - Kotelniki and Dzerzhinsky.
  • Urban districts with well-developed social infrastructure.
  • High transport and pedestrian accessibility to the site.
  • Availability of public transport stations within walking distance.
  • The object is located in the structure of the future densely populated residential micro-district.